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Cookies are short text files that are downloaded onto a user’s device when a website is visited. Whenever the user visits the website again, cookies are sent back to the website that originated them (first-party cookies) or to another website that recognises them (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because they help a website recognise the User’s device. They have different purposes, including for instance efficient browsing of the pages, remembering the User’s favourite websites, and improving the browsing experience overall.

Depending on the function and purpose of use, cookies can be divided into technical cookies, profiling cookies, and third-party cookies.


Technical cookies are used to enable functions without which the website could not be used fully.
These cookies are necessary for multiple-step procedures (several pages in a row, as is the case with a request for contact, for instance) and they help keeping track of the user’s choices concerning the website contents to be viewed and the features to be enabled or disabled.

A technical cookie is also used to store the user’s decision on which cookies on our website to use. Key cookies cannot be disabled using the website features.

Cookies used for statistical examination of accesses or visits to the website, also known as “analytics cookies”, fall within the category of technical cookies. Analytics cookies are used exclusively for statistical purposes and to collect aggregate information, without identifying the single user.

Analytics cookies may also be third-party cookies (Google Analytics), in which case reference should be made to the Privacy Policy of their controller for additional information.


Profiling cookies are used to enhance the user’s experience of the website in that they suggest contents that are similar to the user’s browsing preferences, based on the viewed contents and other behavioural parameters.

The user may decide to disable the use of individual cookies in the website by selecting the options given in his/her browser. In this case, some features in the website may not be available.


This website uses some external features or contains some external links to enhance integration with commonly used third-party websites and social media (e.g. Share with Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. buttons).

These features and links may require use of third-party cookies, in which case reference should be made to the specific Privacy Policy posted on each individual website.

How to change the cookies settings

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, although the user can normally change settings to disable this function. The options are either to block all types of cookies or to accept receiving some and disabling others. The section “Options” or “Preferences” in the browser menu is used to prevent receiving cookies and other user’s tracking technologies and to select whether to receive a notification from the browser whenever these technologies are enabled. Alternatively, the user can consult the “Help” section featured in the tool bar of most browsers.

Another option is to select the browser in use from the list below and to follow the instructions:

The selection is also possible from the following smartphones:

For additional information on cookies and to manage (both first- and third-party) cookies preferences, users are also encouraged to visit the platform: Please be informed that disabling browsing or functional cookies may cause website malfunctions and/or may limit the service offered.

Should you need information, please go to the Contacts page in our website and consult our Privacy Policy.