We are brave and whimsical: we venture in yet unexplored fields and we are happy to keep connected and learn how to blend innovative technical developments with beauty.

These qualities have enabled us to experience constant growth and to become a consolidated reference player on the sun protection market. Our integrated systems are furnishing elements in both homes and other spaces alike. Our systems are intentionally manufactured to be complete with all accessories, technologically advanced and perfectly functional, in addition to dressing up spaces with elegance.

With our top range production, Nyx can offer a multitude of solutions as well as greater energy efficiency. Thanks to their neat lines, our solutions minimise the visual impact and are a perfect match with any type of building.

We give value to living and work spaces with the qualitative strength of our integrated systems to offer our customers all sorts of complete solutions. Our roller blinds are elegant, easy to match with any type of furnishing and structure, efficient and highly performing, especially when combined with the mosquito net.



The consciousness of energy saving

Our awareness of energy saving bears evidence of our strive to support circular economy (based on sharing, lending, reuse, repair, reconditioning and recycling).
Nyx is sensitive to all production processes throughout the supply chain, which is why it monitors electricity consumption, recycles scraps – fabric and aluminium in particular -, and reuses packaging materials where feasible.
Nowadays, energy saving is not merely a concern for individual users as, with its domino effect, it involves every single business and its impact affects the entire environmental and economic system. Nyx products look out to the future: we understand that sun protection systems are deemed as the best solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Our blinds are therefore designed to combine in one single product top technical efficiency and utmost elegance to achieve thermal and visual comfort in living spaces. At the same time, we enhance the architecture of elevations and façades, keeping an eye on privacy in each single space.

nyix: the other name for elegance and “bon vivre”

Our integrated systems furnish both homes and other spaces with elegance and a contemporary mood.

  • Roller blinds for exteriors with ZIP guides


    A wide range of models for protection against the sunlight, insects and the elements

  • Roller blinds for exteriors with ZIP guides


    The roller blind becomes an integral part of the building design offering a shading effect, letting the desired amount of light in and providing protection of windows, doors and large spans against insects.

  • Roller blinds for exteriors with rope guides


    Roller blinds become promoters of comfort in the living space and energy saving, without however giving up design.

  • Blinds for interiors


    Modern, essential, minimal and technologically advanced: these are our roller blinds.

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