TEZ WP 130

Roller blind for exteriors with ZIP guides

Max. dimensions l 6000 x h 5000 mm
Headbox 133 x 153 mm
Guide 46 x 61 mm
End bar 37 x 67 mm
Operation winch/motor
Automatic coupling system yes

  • Reference tenon with fin and ceiling support

  • Inspectable box with anti insect seals, fin and ceiling support

  • Special crystal head-to-head welding

  • Particular WP LED (On request)

  • Self-supporting tenon with pipe arrester H13 (On request)

  • Side fixing (On request)

  • Manual clasps (On request)

  • Particular WB block height adjustable (On request)

abbinamenti disponibili per i nostri profili alluminio e accessori

A: aluminum

P: accessories

a: RAL 9016 Matt

p: White

a: RAL 9006 Matt

p: Grey

a: RAL 1013 Matt

p: Ivory

a: RAL 8017 Matt

p: Brown

a: RAL 7016 Texture

p: Black

a: Grey MICEO

p: Black

a: Bronze

p: Black

a: Corten

p: Brown

a: Custom

p: Custom

  • TEZWP-130

technical specifications

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