TEZ40: Outdoor roller blind with box and guides

  • Support: ceiling, made of powder coated steel sheet
  • Box: Extruded aluminum alloy with a square section of 83 x 90 mm, equipped with self-supporting aluminum heads on the guides
  • Roller tube: extruded aluminum alloy of 57 mm diameter with reinforced segments inside and hollow basket for fabric
  • Terminal: extruded aluminum alloy with a rectangular section of 28×42 mm, suitably weighted, accompanied by side caps of plastic material and rubber gasket
  • Guides: 2 extruded aluminum alloys of 40×53 mm to simplify the mounting, complete with plastic guide with shock-absorbing fins for windproof zip system
  • Winch operation: reduced winch 4: 1 with a removable crank rod with foldable handle
  • Motor maneuver: electric motor of 230V with integrated limit switches or electronic limit switches and integrated radio receiver
  • Certifications: CE UNI EN 13561
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