Nyx social initiatives: our latest commitment to disability

27 Sep 2022

The commitment of Nyx Tende is not only focused on offering innovative, positive impact products, but also on supporting initiatives that help resolve minor social issues and contribute to factual change.

In light of the above, NYX Tende confirmed its support and renewed its commitment to social initiatives when the company attended a ceremony in July organised by a non-profit association, “Io Sto Con…il sorriso solidale”, to celebrate the donation of a vehicle for the transport of people with fragilities, disabilities or mobility disorders, including temporarily.

This initiative also involved other local enterprises and it was coordinated by this Bologna-based non-profit association which offers transport services to, in particular, children, elderly people and people with permanent and temporary disabilities or mobility disorders.

Nyx support took the form of a tangible contribution for the purchase of a vehicle for the municipality of Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco which will be used to drive elderly people to medical centres and disabled students to their respective schools. The donation falls within a social responsibility project that is aimed at enhancing the territory, promoting proximity values and supporting the local communities, which highlights Nyx sensitivity to these issues.