The right colour for blackout blinds: Nyx tips

24 Oct 2022

The golden rule to select a good blind is to understand and fulfil the requirements of each space with an all-round approach. In some circumstances, studying the purpose of a sun protection system with care is needed not only to offer comfort through isolation from solar radiation, but also to fulfil necessary noise and aesthetic goals. Blackout blinds are elegant and functional products that can be used to stop the sunlight and to create half-light in the room for special situations and activities.

Colour too is an important factor to consider when selecting a blackout blind. Some colours may let the light in and this may be an annoying disadvantage in the central hours of the day. This is especially true if the room is required to have a dimmed light, which may be the case in, for instance, conference rooms, offices with display screens potentially affected by glare effects, hotel rooms that are not provided with shutters, etc.


Light colour shades are often selected for most types of rooms as their natural hues give an elegant look to all interior spaces. Light colours help create a soft and cosy atmosphere. However, if you select a blackout blind in this colour gradation, some colours such as white, ecru and beige, are likely to bring in light into the room instead of dimming it. Even if faint, the light may be annoying in a room without shutters. The recommendation in this case is to add a thermal lining to stop all beams of light. As the name suggests, a thermal blind is intended to protect against both cold and heat. The blind is supplied with a lining, which can be made of different materials, that works as a real barrier against the sunlight and temperature variations.


Dark and cold colours give the room a touch of elegance and sobriety, creating a soft and relaxed atmosphere. Needless to say, dark colours such as anthracite, black, grey, brown, green and blue tend to become darker. This is the reason why they are used in bedrooms where they promote relaxation and, consequently, sleep. In these cases, a blackout blind in dark colours offers enhanced shading, even when the shutters are not in place.

Nyx Tende recommends Texout, our range of fire resistant fabrics, which offer fire resistance in compliance with the main European standards. These fabrics are subject to specific treatments to also make them highly resistant to dirt and water, which is why they are the ideal solution in the most extreme weather conditions. Blackout fabrics from the Texout range offer full shading against the sunlight and its harmful UV component. They are suitable for all outdoor conditions, for free-hanging roller blinds for indoor and outdoor applications, and for tensile structures.